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Polo IT Scholarship Program
+ Fundación Integrar

In the POLO IT SCHOLARSHIP program, selected students were trained in programming, being trained in a first stage by Global Learning and in a second instance, by UTN. All were permanently assisted by the INTEGRAR Foundation and the third stage was completed with training aimed at obtaining tools for job search. 3 workshops were given by María Julieta Gabrielli- HR Manager of Voolkia and Marcela Infante, Tech Talent Acquisition of Voolkia.

This project was financially supported by associated companies of POLO IT: BeSmart, Datalitics, Voolkia, Eduardo M Laens Aguiar, G&L and Qservices.

On Tuesday, November 22, the diplomas were delivered at CMD, Algarrobo 1041, CABA.

Companies and NGOs that are interested in learning more about this project and participating in the next plan can request their registration at

We are very happy to be part of this initiative!!

Polo IT Integrar Scholarships

Hello! At Voolkia we want you to know that on 08/25 an event was held in which the Polo IT Integrar Scholarships were presented.
An initiative through which the companies participating in the program finance the programming training of 20 students.

After the training, the students participated in a workshop that was given by María Julieta Gabrielli – HR Manager and Marcela Infante Tech Talent Acquisition from Voolkia.

In it, the students received training and tips for preparing their CV, strategies for the use of LinkedIn and general bases, and also guidance to develop skills and function effectively in job interviews.

Finally, an employment management platform supplied by Previsoft, called Pinget, was presented, which applicants can use to apply for jobs in companies, and the entities that train can monitor their students' applications.

The companies that contributed to make this training provided by UTN possible were: G&L Group, Voolkia Software & Services, Qservices, Varegos, Datalytics and BeSmart Argentina

Happy to be able to participate!

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Integrar Foundation

It was an honor for me to share with Maria Eugenia Gorlero and Anabella Maudet , director of Integrar Foundation the talk we gave to the students of the next programming course given by the UTN.
Subsequently, from Voolkia Software & Services we will offer students a course on the necessary skills to enter the world of work.
Finally, graduates will upload their CV to the Pinget employment website and these can be consulted by member companies of the POLO IT de Buenos Aires Asociación Civil Polo IT y de Cámara de la Industria Argentina del Software – CESSI .

This initiative is framed within the "Polo IT Integrar Scholarships" project that we carried out with Pablo Hernan Fiuza and Ramiro W. Garbarini from the talent commission of Polo IT and Cessi.
Finally, I would like to thank the following companies that make their economic contribution to the project:
Adolfo Kvitca
Voolkia Software & Services
Eduardo M. Laens Aguiar
G&L Group
Qservices .

Thank you all for being part of this initiative to continue adding young people to the knowledge industry workforce.

Employability Program

Hello! We want to thank everyone who participated with us in the IT Education Employability program, sharing experiences/knowledge between different companies and encouraging everyone to continue training in IT.

Thank you Ruben Minond for your words that helped each of those who listened to you both technically and professionally, and to María Julieta Gabrielli for her contributions!

Also to Daiana Perez Mamakian for all the organization and predisposition!

We are waiting for the graduates of the Full-stack Engineer Bootcamp to give them new opportunities at Voolkia!

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Argentina PROGRAM

After young people learn basic programming tools, we help them insert into the IT market.
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